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The Società Carrozzai Nonantola celebrates its first 45 years of activity

On Sunday 3 June, in the Nonantola area, in Modena, the Historical Società Carrozzai Nonantola organized an event for its customers and suppliers all over the world, on the occasion of its 45th Anniversary.

The meeting of the participants and guests, about 130, in the morning around 9.00, naturally to the new headquarters dedicated to the restoration and reconstruction of the historic cars of the Società Carrozzai Nonantola.
Around 10.00 am, a stop in the center of Nonantola, for the visit to the Agricultural Participation (at the Town Hall), where the guests, in addition to the Historical Document Archive, were also able to visit the annexed Acetaia.

Around 11.00 visit to the Cantina – Museo Gavioli, also in Nonantola, which offered an aperitif based on typical local salami and above all the tasting of its typical production wines (Lambrusco).

Finally, around 1pm, the dedicated lunch at the Polisportiva 90, with the guest tables, completely surrounded by historic cars and supercars, including: a Pagani Huayra, a Ferrari 612, an Alfa Romeo GT and a whole series of Lamborghini, among which: Countach, Miura, 350 GT, etc.

In this last moment, the speeches and the acknowledgments to the members took place, by the mayor of Nonantola, who praised the great work carried out in these 45 years by the Società Carrozzai Nonantola. Finally, before the traditional cut of the dedicated cake, the President and founding partner, Marzio Ascari, thanked all those present, along with the other current members: Claudio Bompani, Ercole Cantaroni, Maurizio Vaccari and Giorgio Finelli.


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