Menu dei Motori 2021/2022 #25: The 25th Anniversary


Specifiche di prodotto
Anno di Pubblicazione: 2022
Testo: Italiano – Inglese (BILINGUE)
Tipo Copertina: Rilegato
Numero Pagine: 144
Foto a Colori: 980
Formato: cm. 24×30



Large format, with absolute quality paper and hard cover, as has been tradition for some years now, the classic “Yearbook” of the ” Pianeta Modena” is a true collector’s item, for enthusiasts and collectors (with bilingual texts: Italian / English ), to be kept with pride and satisfaction in your library! Not only for the typographic quality, but also and above all for the particular and always exclusive contents, as well as for the great utility of always having all the contact details, telephone numbers, e-mails and websites, of the whole network that still contributes today. to make Modena Planet a unique place in the world, with brands of the caliber of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Maserati and Alfa Romeo!
Menu dei Motori N ° 25 – Among the exclusivity, many unpublished and historical articles, all obviously dedicated to the “Pianeta Modena”. SOLD OUT!

Peso 2 kg
Dimensioni 31 × 25 × 2 cm


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