Menu dei Motori number 21: dedicated to the 70th FERRARI!



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Finally, the number 21 of the famous Menu dei Motori yearbook is now available, this time mostly dedicated to the 70th Ferrari, but not only.
Completely renewed in the graphics, it is now managed by the new organization “Pianeta Modena”, with headquarters … in Modena (obviously) the number 21 of MdM is still presented with the elegant cover in hardcover and with a large format: not only Ferrari , but also Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Pagani, Lamborghini, the artisans and dealears to whom are dedicated a whole series of historical articles of great interest and, as always, very special and exclusive, as in the best tradition of the “yearbook” of the Modena Planet!
The new organization “Pianeta Modena”, in addition to taking care of the graphics, has also selected the best paper, for a print quality, worthy of a real collector’s item, which has always been, by no coincidence, the Menu dei Motori !

As always, you can find it, as well as through the canonical privileged channels (club Maserati, Lamborghini, the same companies and the official dealers), also ordering it, via the web, in the catalog of the LIBRERIA DELL’AUTOMOBILE, or in the specialized shops of Maranello, like HORS LIGNE or SHOPPING FORMULA 1.

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