Menu dei Motori – SPECIAL issue dedicated to the 50th Lamborghini

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The series of yearbooks of the classic ” Menu dei Motori ” in 2013 has been enriched by a further chapter , strictly limited edition (only 1000 copies , hand-numbered ) , DEDICATED EXCLUSIVELY TO THE 50th OF CARS LAMBORGHINI . One volume, essentially photo , with pictures, photos, drawings, sketches and render, for the most part never seen before , which describes a ” story within a story ” : in practice , instead of the typical sequence of models in production and business vicissitudes , this very exclusive volume , describes the history of all those models , designs , unique or “concept ” as to say today , who have never had the honor of series production but , very often , were the basis or inspiration , of models of success that everyone knows. In the “classic” version bilingual Italian / English, large format ( 24×30 ), which includes only the historical period of the first 25 years ( 1963-1988 ) , was then added international edition , published in Japan ( by NEKO PUBLISHING ) with texts in English / Japanese and understand the entire period of 50 years Lamborghini (1963-2013 ) , in this case with wider circulation , available to fans around the world.
This ” internationalization ” of ” Menu dei Motori ” , is a crucial step in the history of what, for 20 years , is the true spokesman of the values of Italy in the automotive field in the world : it is the beginning of a collaboration , with one of the largest publishers in the Asian continent , with commercial possibilities , not only in Japan but also in the U.S. and EU .
Another great achievement happily joined by ” Menu dei Motori ” .

Peso 1.5 kg
Dimensioni 30 × 23.5 × 1.5 cm

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